Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washington DC Org Attempts More 'Chilling Effect' On Protesters [video]

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Scientology Protest Washington DC org WWP ~ While AnonSParrow is side-lined from protesting at Scientology's Washington DC IdleOrg because of pending legal restrictions, another member of Anonymous, RadioPaul, has risen to take his place voicing his opposition of the church's corporation's unethical operations.

One of the reasons Scientology is trying to stifle the protesting at one of their newer flagship Orgs is the demonstrators, along with discouraging newer recruits from joining, are documenting and broadcasting the fact that this organization is lying to their members and the press as to their booming stats and numbers. Well, needless to say, they are none to pleased at this situation.

In RadioPaul's latest video, we find a couple of 'SeaOrg'ers attempting to discourage said protester from filming the goings on at their particular Hubbardville meeting house. This time they use the don't film my child statement in an attempt to chill the effect of the videographer. But thanks to the magic of floating gray boxes, the youngster could be David Miscavige for all we know (he's a little short) and the supposed mother's uncanny rant still gets worldwide coverage.

Update: Second video angle (thanks subgenius): YouTube ~ Scilons Trying to Set Up Radio Paul

One comment on WWP sums it up nicley:
No public, no new people are interested, and the staff is going bannanas because their stats are in the crapper. The whole baby thing is too much. If you didn't want someone to see your baby, you obviously wouldn't get in their face and pester them with the kid in the dang stroller. Do they really think they are going to accomplish something? LOL.
YouTube - [radiopaul] Scientology Protest DC 8-24-2010

Hubbard Never Met Streisand
Also, as a sidenote: You'd think by now Scientologists would have figured out, when you speak into a protester's camera, there's a chance you could be speaking to the world. Anonymous is a worldwide UN-organization with worldwide broadcast capabilities. But then again, Hubbard never even mentioned the internet in any of his teachings, so how dangerous could it be to Scientology's existence?

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