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Scientology VS DC Protester: Escalating Timeline [cont/video]

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Scientology Can't Even Clear A Sidewalk, Never Mind A Planet
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WWP ~ Scientologists continue to harass protesters in front of their building in Washington DC and as you can see in the video, they don't vary from their TECH on how to discourage critics. Also, remember, these are the (self-professed) most ethical people on the planet.
• Quote a law that doesn't exist (filming in public).
• Use calling police authorities as a threat.
• Question protester's motives (usually, they would first ask the protester why he's hiding his face behind a mask, but RP doesn't wear one).
• Ask if they're doing it, why are they doing it in that spot (as opposed to another location) and do it in a more productive way (lolwut?).
• Give false report to police (stating the protester was on their property).
[radiopaul] Scientology Protest DC 8-26-2010 [part 1]

Note: Ken Moxon (Kim Belotte's lawyer) arrives in DC and makes a brief appearance in the last few moments of Part 3, luggage in tow.

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• [AUG/27/10] AnonSParrow: So I had the status hearing today before Judge Macaluso. This takes the place of the original October 22 status hearing.
  Moxon was there along with Kim Belotte, Sylvia Stanard and Vicki Turissi. Also, a surprise appearance by this Scientologist from Philly (Bruce Thompson). Why they would bring him to a status hearing (or at all) is beyond me.

So anyway, what happened today:
  The judge said it was a moot point to pursue a TRO because the criminal complaint already enforces the stay away order. Moxon once again pressed the issue that if the criminal charges were dropped (for whatever reasons beyond his control) then it would be necessary to have this TRO to keep me away.
  The judge told him that he is NOT getting the TRO and that should the criminal charges "go away", for whatever reason, then he can request an emergency hearing and one will be granted within 48 hours. So he said ok.
  Then Moxon asked the Judge for permission to submit an amended complaint which she granted. She also granted my lawyer permission to submit a revised answer.
  Moxon has until September 26 (iirc) to submit his and we have until October 15 to submit our answer.
  The judge then set the upcoming trial events/hearings to be scheduled on what's called "Track 2" which is a medium pace for proceedings. My lawyer is going to forward that schedule to me but I don't think anything happens in the civil case now until late September.
  The criminal case is set to begin with a similar status hearing like today's on September 10.

  So that's all I've got for now. I will say that I like the judge so far. She seems like she is a no-nonsense/all-business kind of person. And in my opinion that is exactly what is needed in this case.

Take Down Of A Take Down...Of A Take Down
And since Kendrick Moxon's name came up in today's post, let's continue to look into what some are trying to eliminate from the public's view. Of course, we know, once something goes up on the the internet, it never goes away.

Below is a soundtrack of a video-blogger who posted a mirror of Gerry Armstrong's opinion of Kendrick Moxon and then found it removed through a TOS violation. Note: the video-blogger's original video, where the soundtrack originated, (I believe) was taken down with a TOS violation also. Listen in, and you be the judge if it rates a violation.

To: Ken From: Russia, With Love

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