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Scientology VS DC Protester: Escalating Timeline Continued

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• [AUG/13] A T.R.O. wasn't necessary because I already need to stay away based on the conditions of my release from jail in the criminal complaint
• [pending] There will now be a status hearing before Judge Macaluso on Friday August 27. She is also the judge who will hear the case in its entirety starting Friday September 10.

ODIT had been putting off the timeline update till there was something earth shattering to report. Well, that never happened. We're stuck in a holding pattern like one of Xenu's DC-8's waiting for a landing spot at the volcano.

But, in the meantime, some more background video popped up over at WWP on Sylvia Stanard, currently the Director of Washington DC Public Affairs, from 1997 when she was, supposedly, a reporter for Scientology's Freedom Magazine at a anti-scientology press conference at the Holiday Inn (Clearwater, FL) before a protest at the Ft. Harrison Hotel. How she can be a objective reporter while at the same time answering questions as a spokesperson is beyond me.
Thanks to Smurf(above) and Jeff Jacobsen(below) for the history lesson (but the dates are are a little fuzzy).
This was our first press conference in Clearwater in conjunction with the first protest. We had 18 protesters. I believe this was March of 1996, just months after Lisa McPherson died there (though we didn't know it at the time).

[Kendrick]Ken Moxon [the Scientology lawyer currently involved in AnonSParrow's litigation], Mike Rinder, Brian Anderson, and 2 other Scientologists tried to crash the press conference, but we had hired an off-duty cop to help us at the door. they went away mumbling about holding their own press conference (which they did in subsequent years).

We had a debate about whether to let in the Freedom Magazine "reporters" but in the end decided it would be ok. They did not disrupt the press conference but did try to control the Q&A after.

I [Jeff] was MC, Dennis Erlich, Paul Grosswald, and others spoke. We had a good media presence and got good local coverage.
Sylvia Stanard Defends Scientology's 'Fair Game' Policy
Excepts of the documents they were speaking of can be viewed at's archive along with more multimedia on the the subject.

Kendrick Moxon: Intentionally Interrupts TV Interview
And just because his name keeps coming up, posted below is a video of Moxon interrupting a 1996 interview with ex-Scientologist Dennis Erlich. The attorney intentionally approached Dennis Erlich (the original scientology wikileaker before there was Wikileaks) forcing a violation of a restraining order that he [Moxon] had filed for in the first place!

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