Friday, March 27, 2009

Dramatic Documents Revealed has been known for the lulz on the intertubes, but they've also got a page listing where different scientology secret documents are parked all around world.
Have you ever wondered:
• What the whole XENU story was about? Listen to it. It's there.
• How much courses really cost? See the scanned invoices.
• Why they have disclaimer forms before attending? Read 'em.
• How someone could sign a billion year contract? Find out why.
• What kind of church does security checks? Read about it.
• Why they'd have a brainwashing sales manual? Veiw it.
• And a whole lot more than I could ever list here...

If you've ever wondered why they want you to come in, and see for yourself, it's beacuse they slowly want to lead you down the rabbithole called Scientology and alleviate you of that burden known as a wallet.
Here's your chance to look behind the curtain to see what you'd be suckered into before signing on the dotted line. And save yourself a whole lot of dough in the process.

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