Sunday, March 22, 2009

L.Ron Hubbard says "Everybody DANCE Now!"

Since L.Ron Hubbard's birthday was just celebrated, and he was such a proficient science fiction writer, [chuckle], and scientology's upper levels are based on this fiction, I think it appropriate to celebrate by dancing to some of his insane in the brain expensive, secret, lunatic rantings in his own voice.

Artoo45 remixes for us Space Station 33: According to Hubbard, the Solar System has been occupied repeatedly, and sometimes concurrently, by multiple Invader Forces.
"The Fifth Invader Force renamed the Solar System as 'Space Station 33' but without suspecting that the Fourth Invader Force had been there, for God knows how many skillion years, had been sitting down, and they have their installations up on Mars, and they have a tremendous, screened operation".

For more remixes, parody and comedy visit the anon-parody group at YouTube.

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