Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tommy Davis paints self into corner, Comedy Ensues

Tommy Davis UFO spokesperson
Tommy's ever lying past comes back to haunt him in with the help of digital video, the internet and anonymousness's uncanny sense of humor.Let's connect the dots.

Back in March '08, the Village Voice said the Church of Scientology is about "... rid[ding] their bodies of invisible space-alien parasites?"
Then in May '08 Tommy Two-Face makes an appearance on CNN , and is asked about the Village Voice quote.
Davis answered, "You know, here's the thing. There are outrageous claims out there on the Internet about what Scientologists believe."
Yes, Tommy, we've heard the spin before, come down to the church, blah blah blah, buy a book, blah, blah, give me money.

Now let's fast forward to March '09, and KESQ-TV's Nathan Baca asks Tommy during an interview the same question. Get ready, more sci-dribble. See here, go there, blah, blah, they're haters, buy a book.

But just when you think this interview is going the way every other Scientology interview goes, Nat 'Brass Balls' Baca whips out an official Hubbard Big Book of Certified Fucked-Up-Ness (or
Technical Notes of Operating Thetans), and begins to recite the OTIII story: "...the head of the galactic confederation. Seventy-six planets around larger stars visible from here...".

Well, Tommy 'Thetan' Davis changes his tune, right quick. Instead of come down to the church, blah blah blah, now it's ,"I can stop you. I know what you're talking about. I'm familiar with the material. I think what you're getting at is the confidential scriptures of the Church....What you're doing right now and what it is you're saying to me is an intent to ridicule religious beliefs. That's really what we're talking about. And you're just forwarding an agenda of hate."

Whoa, what happened to "Buy a Book" Tommy? Now it's "Get Off My Lawn, You Hate Monger" Tommy.
Oh that's right. I forgot. Always attack, never defend.

Tommy Davis Lies To CNN, Caught By KESQ

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