Monday, May 11, 2009

Chanology 'Busting Out' All Over [game]

Flash Based Bust Out

Over at WWP an announcement came out for a new anonymous vs scientology RPG flash based game, Escape From Scientology Land. The description goes something like this:

You've been kidnapped by the Scientologists. You now have to escape from their domain before they brainwash you. But watch out for those litigious-lawyers and the evil L.Ron-bots!

This is all new to me. Like another Anon said, " says it's been out for over a year. How are we just finding this?". Apparently, has been in the works for quite a while in the projects section, along with other mothballed game ideas and half-finished projects.

Give it a try, if you've got some time to kill before your next stress test flash-raid. See if you've got what it takes to bust-out of the gulag.

Busts Out Flashing

And speaking of busting out, blog-site stochastichouse serves up a editorial on the lengths some must go through to get media attention during their protests.

"...Unfortunately nobody seems to care why the people were there. In fact that’s why many don’t protest anymore; the media diversion works. I know my presence counts for nothing, will be mis-reported, mis-represented and mis-construed. When it comes to political recognition of public opinion… being ignored is actually the best you can hope for. What’s the point?"

"So: instead of civilized, non-violent and fully-clothed protest, which obviously doesn’t work anymore, would 2 million naked chests be enough to make the voice of the people heard?"

Titillating thought, wouldn't you say?

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