Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scientology's OT12, Better Than Butter! [video]

Bottom: Sneek-peek at OT12 Training Video Out-Takes

After years of anticipation, David Miscavage is about to finally roll out a beta version of the OT-12 operating thetan. OT-12 will allow 'the most ethical' to download the new OT, dubbed "shOrTone2" while in development but now known simply as OT12Butter, by the end of next week directly from Target 2. LRH off-shore bank accounts are about to get a lot fuller.

Once the new OT is out, parishioners will be able to pay for a variety of new tools and powers. As SciloNet has reported earlier this year, OT12's new function Third-Eye allows you to look over every film, e-book, e-mail, or song in your possession, without having to turn on a computer. A "virtual keyboard" will appear in front of you, allowing users to dispense with the physical keyboard if they want; users can even program the virtual keyboard to click and vibrate as you type, giving a tactile sense of what it's like to be Tom Cruise. On the downside, you still won't be able to fly, though.

But the coolest features have got to be the capacity to instantly post film and photographs you shoot with your Third Eye onto Scientology-Today and Zombie Images. Imagine walking down the street, whipping out your big Third Eye and shooting something on the spot; with just a few blinks as you keep walking, everyone at OSA online will suddenly be able to see what you've just looked at.

Below is an excerpt of the upcoming OT-12 Training Video unused footage not included in the finished film. Offcuts of this film were retained, after being retrieved from the cutting room floor at Golden Era Productions in Hemet, Ca. and posted on YouTube.

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