Friday, June 5, 2009

Anonymous, Grab Your Mask. It's On. [video]

Anonymous is once again gearing up for their monthly global protest against the church of scientology. The first global they used a centralized theme and message, but as time has gone by, diversity seems to be the game plan, and a lot more efficient.

Themes, days and times very from city to city and country to country. To find information about one in your area, you can start off WWP's planning thread or consult an Anonymous Resource listing. First time? View the Basic Training for Protesting at WWP.

Most protests are being held next weekend, and seems most are falling back on the SeaAargh (parody of scientology's SeaOrg) pirate theme.

At any rate, a reminder went out this weekend for those over-achieving anons that might have forgotten how far into the month we are. This video borrows from Southwest's latest Grab Your Bag, It's On' ad.

Created by Southwest's longtime advertising agency, GSD&M in Austin, Texas, the new spots lack the punch lines and laugh-out-loud humor of past campaigns. That's because they're intended for a more sober time, Southwest officials say.

To me, I think it demonstrates how information could get passed around in a non-group setting. No executive committee, no quality control manager. Steering committee. CEO. Nope, not here. Just a big herd of cats. And one of their names is Jimmy, as you'll find out in the video below:

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