Saturday, June 13, 2009

'Sea Arrrgh' Sails Into Scientology 'Sea Org' Harbor

todays nor'easter to test scientology's disaster preparedness
The Scientologists are once again boasting of their 09 hurricane season scientology disaster response preparation, but there's a storm blowing in their direction of the likes that hasn't been seen a year. Yes, Chanology has launched Sea Arrrgh II for this month's protest theme. You can check the results in WWP's post-hurricane thread later today.

June 13, 2009 Clearwater, FL - In this month of June 2009, Anonymous launches OPERATION CRUISE CONTROL, also christened as Sea Arrrgh II, an international event which brings attention to abuses in the Sea Org, the management structure of the Church of Scientology. Child labor, coerced abortions, harsh working conditions, human trafficking, cruel punishment, disconnection of families and mind control are some of the conditions which Sea Org members are made to endure. The Sea Arrrgh, a horde of mighty anonymous internet pirates, call attention to such abuses while partying hard as only a pirate can.

Punishment methods in use in the Scientology Sea Org even include overboarding, which on land is done by dunking the person in water or forcing them to jump into a lake. When the Sea Org had more ships, people were thrown into the sea without even using a plank, which put them in danger of hitting the ship's protruding hull. A more long term punishment method is the Rehabilitation Project Force, where Sea Org members spend months and years doing hard physical labor as a method of thought reform.

Today, children as young as 12 years old are taken as full time Sea Org members, which start on the Estates Project Force. In the past, there was also a Cadet Org for under-12 children; these children were raised with virtually no contact with their parents; the Cadet Org was disbanded as unnecessary when abortions were made mandatory for Sea Org women.

The Sea Org's only ship still afloat is the M/V Freewinds. In 2008, unwitting construction workers were exposed to the dangerous cancer-causing blue asbestos on the ship; this happened despite the ship's owners being aware of the asbestos since they bought the ship in the 1980s. It was apparently not a concern for Scientology, because they couldn't find any writings where L. Ron Hubbard said asbestos was dangerous.

The Sea Arrrgh's efforts have not been in vain. There are currently 3 lawsuits being levied against CoS Intl regarding Sea Org labor violations, a Supreme Court appeal designed to strip CoS of their illegal tax status or give the same tax benefits to others (08-9180 cert. conference June 25th), multiple lawsuits against WISE businesses for forcing Hubbard's "Tech" upon their employees, and a wrongful death suit. France and Belgium are also putting Scientology on trial for fraud. You can read more about these items at

About The Sea Arrrgh
The Sea Arrrgh, also known as Anonymous, is a disorganized gaggle of individuals that are currently protesting the abuses of the Scientology Organization. Anonymous maintains professional standards in audio equipment.

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