Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'Weird Science' of Scientology [video]

if it quacks like a duck, there's a good chance it's quackery.

Lets play connect the dots:

1) : Scientology went on trial in France on Monday, and if the church is found guilty it could end the organization’s operations there. Any church should be held liable for its practices when it makes claims of being able to improve physical health or especially when it uses coercive methods to obtain disciples or revenue.

2) A Scientology site today has an advertisement for a program they call Anti-Radiation & Confront. Here's the copy from that ad:
Radiation. All down the whole track you’ve hit it. Not just your body. You. Invisible particles … A hazy menace in an uncontrolled world … An unknown. Yet when an atomic blast in Russia was all of a sudden affecting a session in Florida, well—that’s when Ron knew he had to confront the unconfrontable. Along the way came the discovery of an “educated vitamin” and the remarkable story of its ability to undo effects on the body. And that’s nothing compared to the real story Ron reveals of radiation on the whole track. Seeing is believing? Not in this case. For when you hear this Congress, you will know the unseen.

3) Get out your Geiger Counters, kids, because here's an excerpt of L.Ron Hubbard's expertize on Gamma Radiation [Radiation and the Scientologist, 13 April 1957] Transcript below video.

".. And out of this, what do we get? We get a tremendous question mark. Whether radiation is floating across the world or not, is not the point. There's a question mark floating across the world. Is it, or isn't it? Well the funny part of it is that's radiation itself. Is it there or isn't it there?

You know, it kills the human body very, very dead, but it'll go through a sixteen foot wall! A gamma ray'll go through a wall, very easily. Well, what's it -- how does it hurt a body? Nobody can tell you. A wall can't stop a gamma ray, but a body can. And we get down to our number one medical question. Gamma rays go through walls but don't go through bodies. We get the density of a body and the density of the wall and we find out that the body is less dense than the wall.

So therefore we have to go in to the field of the mind, if we can't go into the field of anatomy on this subject and say "What is happening here?". And I can tell you, fortunately, what is happening here. Resistance! The wall doesn't resist and the body does. "

From the sounds of it, seems 'Ol L.Ron is a few sub-atomic particles short of a astrophysical process. I think the Firm explains it much better in their classic video titled Radioactive. And I don't have to join an expensive snake-oil cult to enjoy the benefits, lol.

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