Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Traffic Comparison with Breaks 20,000 and Beats

Rave - The Day Scientology broke 20,000: "As they say in Hollywood, any publicity is good publicity. The Church’s exposure has been enhanced by websites who are dedicated to exposing the organization, and newspapers running articles in series about the Church. This has helped produce a public awareness of the Church and the existence of its philosophy. While the recent advertising campaign doesn’t mention critic’s efforts, it builds on earlier exposure."

Another blogger compared's traffic to Scientology's site, and came up with these stats, and had this to say about that:

"We can see here the effect of the work accomplished by Anonymous in February 2008. However, after Anonymous wasted their potential and became irrelevant by failing to moved beyond the level of the "old guard", Scientology's stats were down and they had to find new ways to advertise themselves, which they found and which seems to be working incredibly well.

As I said so many times, "criticizing" Scientology through outlandish accusations is only going to accomplish two things: discredit yourself and raise interest for what you are unfairly attacking.

In this way, critics are truly a great ally for Scientology and the CoS should thank them.

Slight Flaw in The Statistics, Wrong Site.

I found a slight flaw in the above report. Anonymous (namely Chanology, the offshoot that protests Scientology) doesn't run through It is loosely based at (and for stats going back more than a year, it's predecessor,

You can see in the 3 Month Daily Traffic Rank Trend graph where Scientology reports on their breaking 20K, but what's this blue spike that jumps higher than Scientology? Why yes, I believe that's
Note: the spike may have had something to do with WWP's sub-domain, but alexa can't separate sub-domains from the main. Oh well, traffic is traffic.

Here we have the same 6 month Daily Reach graph that the other blogger used to compare to, but instead we substitute

Quite a big difference when you compare the traffic of the site that is actually protesting against you. Also, keep in mind the difference in money shelled out to google and youtube. Scientology, I'm sure, in the millions. They've saturated the internet so much with ads, that website owners are complaining.
WWP? I can't say I've ever seen a paid advertisement pointing me to their site. Protest sign, yes. Paid ad, no.

What Do They Do When They Get There?

Now, for the part nobody seems to talk about. What do all these visitors do after they arrive at said website?

In the Daily Pageviews (percent of global pageviews) we see was pretty dead compared to WWP, till they started dumping money into advertising, but then WWP spiked.

Like the other blogger said, "criticizing Scientology through outlandish accusations [my edit: lolwut?] is only going to accomplish two things: discredit yourself and raise interest for what you are unfairly attacking.", but I think they might have got it backwards.

Scientology criticizing Anonymous is only going to get people to look deeper into what the cult really stands for, and not fall for it's fancy, well-paid-for, window dressing.

It shows in the Daily Pageviews Per User what visitors are doing once they get on that virtual slice of world wide web.

Scientology, it looks like a flat-liner ready to die, even with the money infusion it's received.

WWP, well lets just say somebody is finding the website interesting, and giving it a look-see.

And on the Time On Site graph, Scientology had more visitors hanging around before they dumped a dump-truck load of money into advertising.

It looks like Scientology spent all that money just to have a whole slew of net citizens visit their site just long enough to say "WTF is this bullshit?", and leave.

Yep, that's those homo novi, clearing their website of browsers, one visitor at a time, and paying though the nose to do it.

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