Thursday, July 23, 2009

ATHF: Shake Tries To Convert Frylock [video] should study a piece of history called battlefield earth.

Sometimes things go swimmingly for Scientology leaders, but that has nothing to do with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, except maybe the swimming/aqua thing. In video clip below, they're having a little fun poking at the Scientology belief system.

Shake, seemingly the converted one out of the bunch, tries to do an Emeter shakedown on Frylock, but he's wise to the game and all the Scilon catch phrases, lol.

The show is about three anthropomorphic fast food items, along with their next-door neighbor, and their life together in New Jersey. The Aqua Teens were originally billed as a detective crime fighting unit, however the crime-solving aspect of the show was quickly abandoned.

The focus is instead on a pervasive form of postmodern, surreal and often morbid humor, where the focus is often on dialogue and the characters' interrelation, to such a point where plot is often abandoned to allow more time for personal interaction.

Shake Is A Scilon!

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