Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dead People Are Moving (again)

Update: "whyaretheydead" moved it's location, AGAIN.
The site, that archived deaths related to Scientology, has moved to For a site that is about people who have died while with the organization, it certainly does a lot of moving around. (The full address is

whyaretheydeadAnonymous have secured the back-up files from around the globe and are in the process of resurrecting the 90's style site, with plans to give it a web2.0 face-lift.

This is by no means an official PR announcement. This just serves as a notice to website owners that have a link to the, now defunct, dot NET site to refresh their links, as the old URL now leads to a plain place-holder page, with no forwarding information.
In fact, it's unsure as to who's hands the former URL will fall into. Scientology or one of it's shills currently control the domains .COM, .ORG and .US.

You can now re-access the information on Deaths in Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel, including Lisa McPherson, Heribert Pfaff and Josephus Havenith who met their demise in the Scientology owned hotel. Also lists hosts of others who were involved in Scientology, but ended their lives by their own hands or under mysterious circumstances.
[this thread seems dead now] You can follow the planning process here at WWP.

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