Monday, August 3, 2009

Gawker Offers Bounty To Internet's 'Grassy Knoll'

Strength In Numbers
On They are stepping forward — from Dallas and Denver, Portland, Las Vegas, Montana — talking about what happened, to them and their friends, during their years in the Church of Scientology.

Grassy Knoll of the Internet
Church spokesman Tommy Davis said the new defectors' accounts of physical abuse by Miscavige are "false and categorically denied."
"It is clear that these new 'accounts' were stirred up by your recent articles," Davis said in a written statement, "and are nothing more than the ranting of anti-Scientologists on the grassy knoll of the Internet corroborating each other."

And comments: There're a bunch of defectors coming out of the woodwork to talk to one of Scientology's most mainstream critics, the St. Petersburg Times. Much of the criticism from defectors is still being lobbed squarely at Miscavige. Many of them are being reported by the SPT as feeling more secure in coming out now that high ranking defectors - the ones previously interviewed by the paper - are telling their story.

Bounty Offered

But Gawker adds this: Maybe if there was video or audio of this kind of thing, somewhere - a definitive audio/visual presentation of Miscavage's insanity - like so many of the other internal videos Scientology's tried to keep under wraps....would be viewed with significantly less skepticism.
And if it's any incentive, I'm sure my boss is willing to pony up for one. It's the one piece of the puzzle that's missing, and I don't doubt we're the only ones who want to see it.

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