Monday, August 17, 2009

Scientology Goes 'Looking For Some Action'

As seen on WWP and released the following: "Scientology: Something CAN Be Done About It" featuring a doozy of a photo-illustration guaranteed to offend, say, three-fourths of the world's religious believers.

Apparently, Scientologists weren't satisfied with just battling their own critics, Anonymous, who protest outside their churches monthly by a non-violent means, but have gone looking for action by taking a swat at the virtual hornets-nest that makes up the world's different religions.

Nothing like presenting the great leaders of religious history, from Buddha to Christ, all lined up evolution-chart style, looking to buy answers from the Amway-style salesman on top of the mountain.

From Marc Headley, who has since left the Church of Scientology, and is also No.3 in the photo, a little history on who each person was and what they're doing now: [glossary to help the casual reader decipher Scientologese used below]

• 1) Scientology Minister, holding the Scientology Handbook (depending on version 1, 2) -
a) Uwe Stuckenbrock: died on PAC RPF of multiple sclerosis
b) Kenny Seybold: lawn mowing I/C
c) Nicola Corias : was in RTC and blew or was RPF’ed
• 2) Mohammed: Casavius Tabayoyan - persuaded to have his name changed to Michael Przybylski and moved to Denmark to avoid being contacted by Declared SP parents.
• 3) Jesus: Marc Headley – Blown, currently suing Scientology for labor violations.
• 4) Confucius: Gary “Luigi” Lew – L. Ron Hubbard’s personal assistant in charge of Audio Visual duties – still at International Base (Gold).
• 5) Buddha: Hiro Kimoto – Blew from Int Base many years ago
• 6) Lao-Tzu: Terrance Une – Security Guard at Int Base
• 7) Zoroaster: Robert Barry – offloaded from Int Base
• 8) Moses: Carol Alexander – died at Gold Base of heart attack
• 9) Abraham: Bill Price – Been on PAC RPF for over 12 years
• 10) Zeus: John “Gonzo” Gonzalvez – Cameraman on film shoot team at Gold – still there.

More on the the story behind the Religious Rock shoot.

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  1. This is outragos! The Holy Prophet Muhammad (may peace
    and blessings of Allah be upon him) cannot be mocked this way