Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wired 'Assclown Offensive' = Facepalm.JPG

133 mhz Article in a Dual-Core World

The boys and girls at WWP, the heart of chanology, give a critique of Wired's The Assclown Offensive: How to Enrage the Church of Scientology.

This little blurb sums it up nicely: " What i got out of that article was exactly the same as scratching my butt, when it wasn't itchy".

And this from Gregg (mentioned in the article): "I not only got him most of the real story, and got him in contact with others who could fill in the holes. I also got an early copy and talked on the phone with their fact checkers a ton. And they still got nearly everything I said wrong. And from what the fact checker said it seemed on purpose. Even something stupid like the '500 feet', should be 300. I corrected them twice on that one. Still printed 500."

And, yes, there's a fair sampling of trolling in the threads, but that's chanology, remember? From anonymous (of course): "Does the truth hurt? Scientology is still going strong and recruiting new members every day. Meanwhile, Anonymous has shown itself to be a bunch of pussies who are afraid to take on anything substantial. ".

But this thread entry really sums it up, and puts a bow on it: "I'm not even sure if Anonymous could pin down the phenomena of Anonymous."

Intel Inside Homer : Kent Brockman narrates commercial for Intel's Pentium II, starring Homer J Simpson. Some would think Wired has just got up to this speed.

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