Friday, October 16, 2009

More Scientology Dirt Coming Soon [book]

As mentioned on and WWP:

Nancy Many's My Billion Year Contract to be released October 26th, is the voice of a former insider who survived egregious abuse when her loyalty was called into question, including weeks of grueling interrogation verging on mental torture and deliberate drugging in an attempt to cause her death.

Another reason Scientology has escaped mainstream criticism is a lot of people fear them. “I was even turned down by a Print on Demand Publisher, that's pretty low. They liked the writing, but were so fearful they would be sued....So, we are basically doing this on our own and taking the risk.”

From the about-page "...after she joined Scientology’s elite inner circle, the Sea Organization, and signed a Billion Year contract that she discovered the dark world of fanaticism and abuse at the center of Scientology’s vast empire.

For more than two decades she worked at all levels of the organization, from serving as a personal aide to the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, who placed her in charge of the religion’s worldwide expansion to becoming the head of Celebrity Center, the organization that caters to it’s celebrity members.

Early in her Scientology career, she spent five years as a covert agent engaged in espionage activities for the Church’s shadowy Guardian’s Office. After leaving the Sea Org she spent an additional two years as an undercover operative for the “reformed” Guardian’s Office, the Office of Special Affairs, which continued the same pattern of covert intelligence and dirty tricks against the Church’s perceived enemies while using intense legal attacks and bolstered by hire private investigators. She personally experienced the Sea Organization’s Rehabilitation Project Force; a labor camp where erring members are “re-educated”.

When her loyalty came into question she was subjected to weeks of grueling interrogation, ending up in restraints after being rushed to a hospital by ambulance, unable to even recognize her husband.

It is a shocking story of abuse, imprisonment, espionage, lies, mental torture and suicide- vital reading for anyone who wants to know what goes on behind Scientology’s curtain."

With more and more of these ex-scientologists writing about their experiences in Scientology, seems as if Tom Cruise's planet clearing days may be coming to an end, as illustrated in the:

Parody of Mission Impossible II / Cloudy, With A Chance Of Gravity

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