Friday, October 23, 2009

NightLine: Scientology Has Gone To The Dogs [video]

Part One presented in three YouTube segments
Part One of ABC's NightLine report on Scientology was pretty much middle of the road, nothing new but the dogs in uniform, if you've been following the story since's Truth Rundown story broke.

But if you're new to the story, you find fresh allegations from former senior insiders claiming the Church's current leader, David Miscavige, has created and encouraged a climate of violence within senior staff and was frequently violent himself.

More on the Dogs:

• Martin Bashir: Amy Scobe also confirms that Mr. Miscavige would bring his dog around dressed like a uniformed member and if the dog barked she says he would suggest that the individual towards whom the dog barked was behaving badly, had some kind of negative problem. Is that true?

• Tommy Davis: I don't know. I mean maybe we should have the dog come in here and see if it barks at you, Martin.

• And from former-insider BFG, "In terms of the dog – there was actually at least 4 of them. Safi, Jelly, Lucy and Daisy. Lucy was the one that did the barking at “out-ethics” people.

The dogs DO travel with Dave. They at least went to Clearwater all the time. These dogs make Paris Hilton’s dogs look like ghetto strays. Clothes, special food, hot and cold running people to walk them pick up the crap and take care of them. Those dogs easily have more money spent on their weekly food than 10 RPFers combined!

Dave also had a two Dalmations for a few years. One was a purebred named Magpie and a mix Dalmation-Pitbull named Buster. Magpie was sweet but Buster was the terror of the Int Base. He even had an ethic file and staff would write reports on him C/O ETHICS RTC. He would roam free and kill other animals most of the time. After he killed seven peacocks in one day he went to the doggie RPF - he was shipped off to CST and we never saw him again.

So even the dogs get RPF’ed in Scientology.

Scientology Report on Nightline: Part 1a 10/22/09

Scientology Report on Nightline: Part 1b 10/22/09

Scientology Report on Nightline: Part 1c 10/22/09

* shooped photos and video provided by the users of WWP.

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