Friday, November 6, 2009

Cruise Control Set To 'Must See'

Scientology Employees Forced to Watch Tom Cruise Videos

RadarOnline: Scientology employees are forced to watch video montages of Tom Cruise as part of their training. According to a former member of the church the eccentric star is used as inspiration to those working at the sprawling compound in Gilman Hot Springs California.

And, while they are banned from reading newspapers or watching regular television, they are gathered at random times to view Cruise' appearances.

Marc Headley recounts, "At the International Headquarters they would record any appearances on TV shows or even mentions of Tom Cruise, or little stories they heard about him. Then they would re edit them and cut them together into a five or ten minute video of all the snippets of him on TV. But it was never the full interview or story.

"For example the actual footage might have said; 'Scientologist Tom Cruise, the biggest movie star in the world, acts like a crazy person on Oprah.' But what we saw was 'Tom Cruise, the biggest movie star in the world.' Then it would cut to the next thing.

So much for a religion that supposedly promotes total freedom of the mind. Sounds an more like the opening credits to Robot Chicken or a version of 1984.

1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial

Tip of the 'ol foil-cap to WWP for the heads-up.

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