Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Radio Interview: Marc Headley / Blown For Good A scandalous new book explains some of the strange rituals Tom Cruise has performed as an elite member of Scientology.

Blown for Good author Marc Headley was Tom Cruise’s apprentice in the alien-based church of Scientology and a longtime employee at Scientology’s southern CA headquarters.

“It couldn’t be someone who might run off the next day and tell the National Enquirer that Tom Cruise was telling me to talk to a bottle for the last three weeks,” he explained to none other than the National Enquirer.

KFI 640AM: Marc Headley Interview / Blown For Good
Marc Headley appeared on the wildly popular John and Ken show on L.A.’s KFI. He spilled the beans about what goes on inside Scientology while promoting his new book.

Thanks Mark for the MP3.

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