Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scientology,Poisoning the Universe,One Planet At A Time

freewinds dumping
In a flooded Cumbrian village that has no water, Scientology is boasting of volunteers padding the streets in high vis rigout on the off chance that lost souls might still need saving from the rain or flood that some have called biblical.

But in the meantime, their cruise ship, the Freewinds, home of the Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization, has been busy poisoning the water tables of the island Bonaire [see map] for the past few years.

Sean PatonAs a sidenote: The liner docks in Bonaire, Aruba, Curacao, and St. Kitts. It has been dubbed the Death Ship and the Failwinds due to the fact that is is laden with dangerous blue asbestos which was reported to Scientology’s upper management by Lawrence Woodcraft back in 1987 who oversaw the original renovation of the ship.

But back to the most ethical people on the planet and how they continue to pollute the ground water of Bonaire. Unfortunately Sean Paton, from Forum Antilles radio news program, has had little success in getting their government to address the destruction of the environment. Recent posts to youtube show how the waste products transported from the Scientology's cruise ship, Freewinds, are destroying the Bonaire's water supply.

Bonaire: State of Emergency Part 1
These two videos show the Freewinds dumping in the middle of the night. Tests are showing fecal pollution in the local wells. It is another crime against the planet by the cult of Scientology.

back-up video if above is missing

Bonaire: State of Emergency Part 2

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Recent News: Cruise-Line Dumping
To get a better idea of how much of a problem this is, here is a report by FOXnews that explains how this type of dumping is affecting our coastal environment.

...Raw sewage contains disease pathogens and toxins, impairs the respiratory functions in water life, and causes algae blooms. And cruise ships are dumping it just off shore, possibly washing up on the beach near where your family is vacationing.

Though most travelers don’t know about this practice, environmentalists tell this kind of wastewater dumping is all too common for the cruise industry: Federal lawsuits have been filed against the cruise ship companies. The U.S. Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have cracked down on the firms. For years, legislators have tried to get a new bill passed which would reign in the hazardous practices.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the cruise industry has grown at double the rate of the rest of the travel industry. The average cruise ship has the capacity for as many as 7,000 passengers and crew members; the boats are floating cities, with restaurants, hair salons, dry cleaners and entertainment venues.

During a typical week, EPA says, a cruise ship with 3,000 passengers can generate 200,000 gallons of waste and sewage and 1 million gallons of gray water from showers and drains.

As the vessels leave port and turn back out to sea, the ship’s engineers dump tons of raw human waste, as well as all of the gray water accumulated during the week-long cruise. That water pollution kills fish and other marine life, and creates a massive algae bloom, despoiling the pristine waters...

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