Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scientology's 'narCONon' Director Found Guilty

Head of Scientologist “Narconon” center sentenced in Pavlodar
narconon guilty
Translation of [Kazakhstan Today]: Pavlodar. November 25. Kazakhstan Today – The widely-noted trial of the “Narconon” center, which is connected with the religious Scientology organization, ended today in Pavlodar, reports the Kazakhstan Today news agency.

Pavlodar City Court Number 2 issued a guilty verdict against the 25-year-old director of the "Narconon" center and sentenced her to a heavy fine of 7,700 dollars*. The court stated that the convicted defendant has the right to legally appeal the decision within 15 days.

As previously reported, the defendant was charged under Article 190 of the Kazakhstan Criminal Code (illegal business activity). According to the charges, the Narconon rehabilitation and educational center where she worked was engaged in the illegal practice of medicine and provided services to persons suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Evgeniya TarkhanovaThe trial was the result of operations carried out on November 20, 2008 by the Department of Economic Crimes and Corruption. The financial police found that the “Narconon” center had archives containing almost a thousand files labeled “confidential” concerning persons who received services.

In addition, during the search, police seized “accounting documents, 134 packages containing various kinds of medicinal preparations that did not specify the country of origin, a large number of Scientology-oriented books, a program describing the 'Purification' course, a program for the application of medicinal preparations, advertising and promotional materials."

narconon-kazakhstanIn all, police seized more than 60 boxes of documents, religious literature, and medicinal preparations not registered in Kazakhstan. The financial police reported that "Narconon" patients were misled and that the money received by the organization's leadership was labeled as voluntary donations.

"The forensic chemical analyses of the substances seized during searches concluded that all the substances under investigation, with few exceptions, were medicinal preparations (vitamins, dietary supplements, food products) that are not registered in the state registry of medicines of the Republic of Kazakhstan and that their use in the territory of Kazakhstan is prohibited. The therapeutic doses of active substances in certain vitamins and dietary supplements greatly exceeded the permissible limits," said the financial police.

*The fine is 900 MCI (Monthly Calculated Indexes), 1 MCI = 1,273 tenge, $1 US = 148.75 tenge.
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