Thursday, November 19, 2009

Xenophon: Intergalactic Badass

...he'll get around to taking names later.
nick intergalactic-badassWhat started from a blog entry title at has lead to labeling of Australian senator Nick Xenophon's internet persona. There are just too many ironic coincidences not to be bestowed the title.

The attack on the Church of Scientology as a ''criminal organisation'' by the South Australian senator Nick Xenophon this week has sent the anti-Scientology movement into a spin but not for the obvious reason.

Apart from celebrating the prospect of an Australian parliamentary inquiry into allegations of murder, rape and forced abortion by church members, anti-church activists in the US are relishing the similarities between the senator's surname, Xenophon, and the name of the ''galactic overlord'' said to be a central figure in Scientology scriptures, Xenu.

Lord XenoBut this isn't some conquerer that showed up in DC-8 spacecraft. Nope. This is an elected official. FunnyCrave's riff continues with:

"...that means the people of Australia came together as a group in enough numbers to acknowledge they wanted Xenophon to get shit done on their behalf. They were all “Damn, all this Fosters and koala crap is weak. We need change.”

And then Xenophon appears and it seems like this man is taking guff from no one. He’s guffless. Not Paul Hogan, not Mel Gibson and sure as hell not Tom Cruise, because he’s fed up with Scientology.

Likely he intends to wait until he’s officially sanctioned by the government before he heads to the Australian HQ of Scientology and literally kicks the building to the ground. Literally. With his goddamn feet. Which will probably be bare because Nick Xenophon don’t need no damn shoes..."

Yep. We're talking down under badass. Here are a couple more shoop-dee-dupes of the Aussie's newest galactic leader from WWP:

Nick Xenophon No.1 in Box S
Scientology just might have met it's greatest foe. A fearless politician with a sense of humor. And if it's one thing Scientology lacks and despises, is a sense of humor. [ding,ding]
Below is an example from his 15 sec TV ad "Send Nick to Canberra to fight for SA" 2007 Senate election campaign.

australian for badass

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