Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aaron Saxton Rallies Troops [video]

Posted on the Ex-Scientogist Forum & WWP, a message from Aaron Saxton:
On 16 Jan, there will be a raid for the IAS special event in Sydney. I am going.

I would really like to see every single ex SO and Ex-Scn member there. I feel from discussions I have had that many believe Anon are "detrimental" to the cause or "send the wrong" message. I disagree 100%. Don't you tell other what to think. And if you think it's the wrong message, then get in there AND GET INVOLVED and SEND THE MESSAGE YOU WANT HEARD.

anonymous protest If anything, our hats should go off to them. They are getting awareness out there more than any other group and I would say we can thank them for declining Scn numbers worldwide. More public know about Anon then they do about any ex-Scn or ex-SO member worldwide.


Regardless of their tactics, regardless of their desired outcomes and goals, they share a common theme with us. And in those matters we should unite. Stuff the other differences.

Aaron-SaxtonIf we are going to distance ourselves from them, then we have learned absolutely nothing from out experiences inside Scn and should just give up now. We should join them. Get on that god damned microphone and BE HEARD by the ONES WE LEFT BEHIND.

What do you think AOSH ANZO would do if 50 ex Scn and 50 Ex-SO turned up?
Anon have some balls and real courage.

I would like to see Ex-Scn's there to make a point that united WE ARE IN COMMON with them.

Anon never rejected any one from Scn or the SO, in fact, they stood up for us and helped us, even when we were fighting them. That says something aboutt heir character, doesn't it? That they DO UNDERSTAND. Are we really doing the same for them? Are we REALLY helping them?

Then get on board, get a picket, and make your statement.

Anon makes a big difference.

anonymousI would like to see ALL YOU GUYS THERE. You don't have to wear a mask. I won't.

In closing I will say this:

If you expect Politicians to get on board, other churchs, other human rights abuse entities and YOU WONT EVEN STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH ANON who are and always have been ON YOUR SIDE HELPING YOU, then you won't win his fight against Scn.

And nor do you deserve to if you can't stand up with the other soilders.

Let's not be Scn and try to "mold" them to our "goals and purposes". They are not doing it to us. Celebrate our differences, and if you can't then stop trying to change the minds of politicians and current Scientologists.

So, are you going to turn up, or what?

Aaron Saxton Message 1/09/10

Andrew W.K. - Party Hard
One of anonymous's original rally-call songs from 2008.

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