Saturday, January 23, 2010

AnonyNews Broadcast 01.23.10 [video]

anonynews broadcast This week AnonyNews covers:
Irish Scientology Profits, German crime series "Tatort", Scientology advertises on UFO site, Ukraine Presidential Candidate Rumored to be OT6, OSA-Member appointed as Justice of the Peace in Arizona, Scientology does China, OTVIII The Second coming, Ukraine: Bill to prohibit totalitarian sects, Run Katie, Run!, List of Scientologists who have spoken out, IMDB has Sponsored Links to Dianetics, AnonStillAlive Project still needs updates, Restraining Order against Aaron Saxton, Clearwater surprises Scilons with OT3, Freezing cold stresstest table raid in Berlin, Attack with "stinkbombs", Sexual harrasment through Scilon in Sydney, Anoniversary II in Clearwater, Hamburg (Op Brainsuckers), LA/Hollywood and Düsseldorf post-game reports and German minister of defense is a close Friend of Tom Cruise... and more.
Follow link to YouTube for more information on any story.

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