Friday, January 1, 2010

Scientology: Caught Illegally Clearing the Planet

David Miscavige's interpretation of L.Ron Hubbard's dream, "clearing the planet", was brought to a grinding halt at Scientology's Golden Era Productions faculty near Hemet, Calif. by the Code Enforcement Dept. of Riverside County, with the help of some keen-eyed residents and anonymous (including not so anonymous) protesters.

• Full-size view of violation scan.
Unapproved Grading/Clearing: note~"Billing for administrative costs at $109.00 per man-hour" (and a possible fine of $500 per day if not rectified by 19 January) and must "Stop all work/grading and must comply with your grading restoration assessment permit (which happened to come to $2,596.90)."

'Making it go Right' is just so Wrong
It seems Golden Era (which should be re-named Golden Error after all this) did all this grading, trenching and landscaping without applying for a single permit or impact study. After it was brought to the attention of the County, Golden Era attempted to fast-track a local permit for work already done, ignoring other required local and federal statutes.
These points and more were brought up at the Riverside County's weekly BOS meeting [see videos below], and a halt came to David Miscavige's postulating a clear planet adjacent to his desert castle.

Dec.15.09 Riverside BOS ~ Illegal Grading at Golden Era Productions [1 thru 3]

Notes: Seeing as I'm not from that side of said planet to be cleared, any corrections, additions or timeline adjustments from area locals would be welcome. Leave any changes in the comment section.
Photos and links courtesy of the following:
grading violation: Gold
The Rain and Illegal Grading at Gold
Strange Doin's @ Gold Base
Report on Riverside BOS December 8 2009
12/15/09 BOS
Gold Base illegal grading photos [photobucket]

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  1. Jeff Stone is the best buddy of the cult of scientology.

  2. He should have the equivilant of an impeachment. It is totally obvious that someone got paid off if not all of the. First the carrot and if that doesnMt work well then they have plenty of fanatics willing to wield the stick

  3. oh hai

    i'd just like to mention that a proper research anon has been looking into Stone - and guess what? a report containing much dirt is due quite soon.

    Enjoy your stay in jail Mr Stone :)

  4. I wonder if Jeff Stone has been helping to cover up the child labor violations at Gold. His inexplicable behavior makes him look like a criminal. Of course, he may just be an incompetent clusterfuck.

  5. Jeff Stone is soon to be Scientology's, "endangered pocket mouse."

    Get out of that pocket, mouse.