Sunday, February 28, 2010

Resurrection Man and Forgotten Videos [video]

SMH ~ John Travolta, blah, words, blah, in the city to promote his latest film, shill, shill, of his fondest memories is, blah, blah, reinvents himself, words words.

Scientology recognized blah, blah, as an illness rather than a psychosomatic ailment, words, words, words, pizza and cocoa in the early hours, blah, blah, proving a bittersweet experience.

Who gives a shit. I'm just using for a segue into a couple of these forgotten videos that I felt like resurrecting:

No.1: Here's an oldie-but-goody that has a hard time staying up on the internet, the Scientology story, as told on the opposite of north + what you do with your car when you've finished driving.

No.2: This guy has slowly slipped back into the woodwork after removing 9000 anti-Scientology videos from YouTube in one weekend. All because he was outed for running a gay-porn website, while being a scientologist. Hummm, bow-chicka-wow-wow, indeed.

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