Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scientology's Volunteer Minister Pulls A Streisand [video]

It all started when a Scientology Volunteer Minister made a video post on YouTube, so proud and cocky, that she had solved a water shortage dilemma in a Haitian hospital. Then picked up on it, and posted the following on their blog:
Scientology’s Volunteer Minsters Steal radiation Shields from Haiti Hospital

Watch in disgust as one of Scientology’s clueless “volunteer minsters” in Haiti boasts about stealing water-filled radiation shields from a radiology room to distribute as drinking water

along with an embedded original from the Scientology Volunteer's YouTube account.
Apperently, the homo-novis wasn't up to dealing with some criticism from the intertube population. So rather than confront and shatter suppression, chose instead to hide their video, by making it private (-8.0 on Scientology's Tone Scale). Well that was too little, too late, because once you've gained the internet's interest, it's just about impossible to put that Streisand cat back in that bag (we all know how well that turned out for Tom Cruise).

Uh-Oh. Should of seen this one coming. Anonymous had already started throwing up mirror-videos of the cyber-blog. Of course, the next step in feeding the internet's frenzy: start DMCAing mirror-videos. Just like a five-year-old kid, if you say it's forbidden, they'll just want it more.

And that leads us to this step. Because of all this attention drawn to said video, it's now newsworthy. Not exactly what your boss, David Miscavige, was hoping you'd accomplish during his strategic PR stunt.

A poster at WWP summed it up nicely:
I really, really, truly, truly, don't think it matters what the bags of water were for.

It matters that random volunteers took them and passed them out to patients without asking permission or ensuring the water was safe for patients to drink.

The water bags weren't Ellen's. She didn't bring them. She doesn't run the hospital. It's not up to her to so much as touch them or anything else until she checks with someone in authority and ascertains that the contents are both safe and available for distribution.

That's the issue I see. If the water's full of cholera or radiation, well, that's directly traceable to the larger issue of untrained volunteers running around a third-world disaster-zone hospital like they own the place.

And finally, let's listen in to see what all the hubbub is about...

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