Friday, April 23, 2010

Loose Lips Sink Scientology Celebration? [UPDATE]

It's more likely than you think...
Uh-oh. Scientology's super secret plans to celebrate the grand re-opening of their newly repaved Los Angeles Ideal parking lot has been leaked on to the intertubes. Just exactly where they didn't want it to go.
First, via email, 3 days ago:
the Grand re-opening of the Model Ideal Los Angeles Org Saturday, April 24th at 3:00 p.m.
We want the largest attendance ever.
Please bring your family & friends and be there by 2:30 p.m. Let us know you're attending and how many people you're bringing by clicking reply.
ML, Wendy & Joanne
Second, via Facebook, 1 day ago:

Rut-Roh, Raggy. According to the last reply on your entry: Hey, this data is not to be put out on the internet. So I was told. So much for trying to use Anonymous' backyard for communication. lol.

Too late. You know who, the group you were most likely trying to hide this from, will be there. With bells masks on.
An entry from WWP: As soon as I found out it was not supposed to be posted on the internet I posted it!:D Cannot wait to go to my very first raid!
Maybe some Scientoligists should take some lessons from their savior, Tom Cruise, as to how to, at least, act like a secret agent.

Hummm, that must be what that last line in Anonymous' credo means:
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Post Celebration UPDATE: 4/25
Scientology Los AngelesApparently all went well at the Scientology's Los Angeles Super Secret Idle Parking Lot / Chinese Laundry Grand Re-Opening Extravaganza, for the exception of an assault on a female protester by a unknown individual.
The following statements gleaned from WWP:
A guy in this photo PUNCHED A FEMANON IN THE STOMACH AS HE WALKED BY. The abuser has long stringy blond/gray hair and was in a teal shirt. Jerk.
Here are the photos I got of a Scilon who hit a girl at the protest. The zoom on my video camera sucks, so this is as good as it gets...sorry! He is the one with the blond mullet:
wanted poster: scientologist assault
Update from victim: "I am that protester who was sucker punched in the gut yesterday. Funny, I didn't think about the after match that fucker would create by assaulting me. That's right I am pissed....It is that blonde/grey mullet in the teal shirt who sucker punched me. ...".

"This was my first protest. I was with 6 other friends who I know and trust. When we got there, two of our group got a head of us. When we got to the corner of Sunset and hubbard Way, the police asked us to please cross the street and demonstrate on the opposite side of the street. While the officer was saying this to the group I was in, the two a head of us were already crossing to the other side of the street. I started noticing PAC security, OSA, one of the handlers - that dumb, short, brunette with the lousy scilon come backs...

I started getting nervous, my heart was pounding in my chest. I started to realize where I was and what I was doing. Trying to get my anxiety under control, I turned and started walking across the street to join the other Anons in what I thought would be a peaceful protest. What I didn't know was that the rest of my group hadn't turned with me to cross. Between the knocking knees and shaky hands and the fact that the mask and hooded cape really messed with my vision - I had wondered into the crossing alone.

So here I am heart pounding, legs weak - female, 5'4" girl walking across the street. All I could think to do was to hold my sign up. I held it across my chest and walked into what I didn't realize was a crowd of scientologists. (oh wow I just remembered one other thing.... ) first a tall early 30 something guy shouldered me as he walked by. I just thought to myself "oh well, it's not like I didn't move" hmmm... some of that old scientology 'expecting to be mistreated' feeling perhaps? but then..

lapd officer that did nothingI am in the crowd of scientologists and out of no where this teal shoulder is being brought down in front of me and when his shoulder starts to touch me he swung his balled up fist in a sort of upper cut to my gut. I don't know where the sign was or how he made contact with my body without destroying my sign, I really don't.

So I stumble and sorta keep walking across the street. I started re-playing what had just happened in my mind from beginning to end and something happened. I realized that guy did that on purpose. He PLANNED it ahead of time and quite frankly executed it beautifully. I suddenly SAW RED. I was PISSED. I stopped turned around and saw the guy and LOST IT. I screamed "THAT MAN JUST HIT ME!!! THAT MAN JUST PUNCHED ME IN THE STOMACH!!" No one seemed to get what I was saying and I just got more enraged.

I RAN over to the guy - this guy was over 6'1" and an easy 250 lbs, he was a big guy. I fucking grabbed that man by his arm (the arm of the same said shoulder by the way) and I literally shoved him over to the police. I said directly to the police officer, "This man just punched me in the stomach!"

His only response was "I didn't see it so there is nothing I can do." [WWP: Officer "Dudley Do Nothing" has been ID'd by victim] It was stupid but I was pissed so I asked the police officer "So, officer, Can *I* punch scientologists in the stomach? I mean I just have to make sure you don't see it right?" yeah dumb but I was pissed and I kinda have a mouth."
And what went on behind the Great Chinese Laundry Wall? Well video has been released that was taken from inside the event, including a Hooray for Hollywood dance number (guess Katie wasn't available, lol) and speeches by Tommy Davis, Sheriff Lee Baca and, briefly, David Miscavige.

And the 'battle of words' while waiting at the crosswalk, between scientolgists and anonymous protesters, just outside the entrance of the LA's 'freshly paved' Idle Morgue.

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