Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alligations of Systemic Child Abuse Within Scientology [video]

Calls for Judicial Inquiry into Scientology
Scarlett Hanna, Vicki Dunstan, Mark HannaWest Australian ~ Independent senator Nick Xenophon has called for a judicial inquiry into the Church of Scientology following further claims of systematic abuse of members.

The daughter of the president of the Church of Scientology in Australia has claimed many children who have grown up in the organization have been subjected to physical and emotional abuse. Scarlett Hanna, whose mother Vicki Dunstan is the president of the group in Australia, has alleged children, including herself, were separated from their parents, denied food and healthcare and subjected to psychological abuse.

Ms Hanna, in an interview on ABC Television on Tuesday night, said she was separated from her father for a number of years, after he was sent overseas by the organization as a form of punishment. She also said children were forced to live apart from their parents in groups of up to 25, and that children were made to feel like "cattle".

Senator Nick XenophonXenophon states,"Too many people have come forward with sickening tales of systemic abuse within this organization,". The allegations made by Ms Hanna were so serious that a judicial inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission was needed to investigate the activities of the church. "We have allegations of child abuse, coerced abortions, false imprisonment, bullying and extortion. Surely the victims of Scientology deserve a proper inquiry," the Senator added.

The Church of Scientology said the claims made by Ms Hanna were between her and her family and refused to comment directly on the allegations.

Today Tonight: Scientology Expose by Daughter of OZ President

More Abuse Down at the OT Corral
Palmdale, CAAstra Woodcraft Interview / Part Five:The Mace Kingsley Ranch [realmedia]
Astra: Before I was in the Sea Organization, I was about 13. And there was a place called the Mace Kingsley Ranch. It was in Palmdale, about 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles. And it was run by a man named Wally Hanks who was OTVII. He was one of the highest level Scientologists. He was very well known and revered and he used to do briefings to people on how to handle their children.

And a lot of the children at Mace Kingsley Ranch were considered problem children. Their parents had gone into the Sea Org and they [the children] wouldn't go. Or their parents were in Scientology and they [the children] didn't want to be in Scientology. For one reason or another, they were considered a problem child.

I [Astra] had had a few beers and so had he [Wally]. And so had everyone else. And he put his hand down my shirt and down my bra and started feeling me. And I…it really scared me and I asked my friend later, I said, "What's Wally doing? Why did he do this?" And she said, "Oh. Don't worry. He just does that with the girls. That's just what he does but don't worry about it."

Astra: Well, because he was an OTVII, they had said they weren't going to declare him officially because it would be bad public relations for people to hear that an OTVII molested children and got declared. So, they quietly ousted him from the Church. They quietly said, he's declared.

wally hanks Stacy (interviewer): But did they report him to the authorities?

Astra: No. They never reported him…at least not to my knowledge. The report said nothing about it. They said…it was a handling. It's, like, "he's been doing this and what we're going to do is we're going to oust him but we're not going to officially declare him. We're not going to tell people about it because it's bad public relations" because he was an OTVII.

Astra: And, just anytime you did something wrong, you were paddled. Wally was a very big man and he had a paddle. And all of us would sit around-this happened the first time I went up there to visit-sit around on the sofa and the person who is being paddled stood in the middle of the room and Wally would paddle them with this paddle. And it made them cry. And then he would put a little notch on it for paddling them and that was the punishment. [complete transcript]

Audio: Up Shits Creek and Wally Hanks Has The Paddle
WWP:[ alleged history of recording] This cult approved assault was recorded in or around Sep. 1988 at the Mace/Kingsley ranch school on W. Ave R8 in Palmdale, CA., by another inmate. The voices belong to Wally Hanks, Mike Miller, and a homeless non-scientologist named Eric, and of course Marco C., whom was not blameless, but did not deserve this insanity.

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  1. The Wally Hanks beating a child video is still available on YouTube. The original video had hundreds of links to it and the Cult of Scientology made it a priority to have it removed and the person that leaked suddenly had a string of false criminal cases filed on him by a corrupt lawyer that was hired by a Scientologist "OT".