Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Intergalactic Bad-Ass Refuses to Back Down in OZ

Intergalactic Bad Ass ~ Independent senator (in Australia) Nick Xenophon has vowed not to give up on his quest to bring the controversial Church of Scientology to task over tax exemptions.

Yesterday, the Senate voted 28-6 to reject the move, his third attempt to have parliament act on the church. ''A public benefit test currently exists in the United Kingdom and this amendment would introduce a similar process here,'' Senator Xenophon said.

''It seems only fair that an entity must meet this public benefit test if it's to be propped up … by the Australian taxpayer.''

Senator Xenophon told other senators that he would be relentless in pursuing a just outcome for the victims of Scientology.

SBS ~ Scientology had been variously accused of criminal behavior, coercing abortions, stalking, transcending child labor laws and unconscionable treatment of members who were charged hundreds of thousands of dollars for their courses, he said.

"This is an issue that will not go away. Too many people have been hurt by this organization."

MEET THE PRESS CH10 AUSTRALIA / broadcast Mar.21.10
Xenophon explains his reasoning behind the relentless pursuit for a just outcome for the victims of Scientology in this older AU TV interview.

tipp'in the pony at you, WWP.

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