Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DC Protest: AnonSParrow Legal Update No.2 [video]

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WWP ~ A video update was posted on YouTube by anonSParrow giving an oral report of what has happened thus far and which direction his legal Scientology snafu is leading.

The site link he mentions in the video is www.dccourts.gov and his instructions are: Search for my name, Brian Mandigo, for court details.

This is primarily a recap aimed at those who don't want to search through all the TL;TR on WWP (or on here) and want a quick synopsis of his situation.
But there are a few new details (and props) peppered throughout the report.

anonSParrow: DC Legal Update No.2 [recap]

Fight the Power (original) ~ Isley Brothers (1975)
"Law enforcement is necessary. As a species we haven’t evolved past needing that. Fight the Power is not about fighting authority. it’s not that at all. It’s about fighting abuse of power.[2]"

Tip of the 'ol camera lens to subgenius.

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