Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Panorama: Secrets of Scientology (BBC radio interviews)

Panorama Special: Secrets of Scientology mirror.co.uk ~ Three years ago a clip of journalist John Sweeney losing his temper at a Scientologist (Tommy Davis) became a YouTube sensation. He'd set out to make a Panorama show about Scientology but instead it turned into a story about the extraordinary lengths the "church" would go to to stop him making the show. Then it turned into a global news story about Sweeney looking (in his words) "like an exploding tomato". Three years later, he's back to poke at the cult again... with the help of one of the men who stood in his way last time. [more >>>]

BBC Radio4 interview with John Sweeney 28/9/2010
Audio from BBC Radio4 interview with John Sweeney 28/9/2010 on the upcoming Panorama Special: Secrets of Scientology.

BBC Radio2 Interview with John Sweeney 28/9/2010
Audio from BBC Radio2 Interview with John Sweeney 28/9/2010 on the Jeremy Vine show. Subject:Panorama Special: Secrets of Scientology. Listener emails and phone-ins are near the end of the clip.

Sweeney Vs Scientology Round Two?

suite101 ~ In tonight's second documentary, entitled 'The Secrets of Scientology: A Panorama Special', Sweeney speaks to ex-members of the Church of Scientology (CoS), and interviews them about their experiences. During the first documentary, one of Sweeney's main gripes was the level of interference while he was trying to speak to people. On the BBC's Panorama website, he says he experienced a similar level of involvement this time around:

"During our time in America for the latest Panorama, we were once again followed by people filming us, this time more openly than before. When we approached the people with cameras to ask them who they were with and what they were doing, they refused to answer our questions"...[more >>>]
Hopefully, re-broadcast information will show up on this page for viewing later after the show airs live: bbc.co.uk/programmes

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