Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tea Party Website Invaded By “Anonymous” Internet Group

4chan teabag i'd  hit it4chan teabag love it ~ A website run by the conservative Tea Party movement was overrun by the denizens of 4chan on Tuesday.

Website vulnerabilities on the official website allowed pranksters to divert surfers landing on the photo section of the site to smut and shock sites.

It's unclear what website security shortcomings were exploited in that attack and whether these are now closed. Boing Boing is hosting some screenshots [click on thumbs on right].[more] ~ All through last night, the media section of, an official Tea Party website, was bombarded with new users who filled the photo section with shocking and offensive pictures (Example: a very, very NSFW photoshop of Sarah Palin). The pictures were so shocking that the site almost began to look like the outlaw imageboard 4chan. Now, I wonder who could have done it. I wonder… [list of more screenshots listed @ reddit].

It was almost definitely 4chan. For those of you that don’t know, 4chan (namely Whoops.(1&2) Not supposed to talk about them. ) is an anonymous messageboard where people post ribald stories, jokes, and pictures and generally try to out gross each other. They also are highly organized and have used their internet powers for extreme good and also, occasionally, a little bit of evil lulz.[more]

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