Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Thrown Under The 'Rathbun-ology' Bus

As described here and here, this week young Daniel Montalvo wanted to escape from Scientology's SeaOrg (you know, that whole billion year contract outfit) in LA, and (eventually) contacts two upper management ex-scientologists*, Marty Rathbun (former top-lieutenant ) and Tom Devocht (one time vice-president of CoSFSO Inc) They get him out of LA and on a flight to Florida.

Drop It Into Overdrive
OK. So far, so good. But wait. The kid took some hard-drives when he left. Uh-oh. First monkey wrench in the works. So, they ship the drives back [to where? no mention] Scientology says they didn't receive them [real surprise. Also, these guys ever heard of a "bonded courier"? You know, set-up that paper-trail thingy? Naah, didn't think so.]

Here Comes The Bus
greyhound bus Well turns out young Montalvo wants to talk to his mother (who is a Scientologist).

So the call is made to Scientology but instead ends up getting connected to Scientology's head lawyer, Kendrick Moxon [Yes, unindicted co-conspirator of Operation: Snow White. That one.]

Moxon proceeds to tell Montalvo that if he returned and cooperated by "routing out properly", he could avoid a life behind bars. Although Devocht told Montalvo that he was walking into a trap, Montalvo returned to LA like a good little obedient Scientologist.
[Where's that TONE 40 I keep hearing all about, Devocht? Also, no word on where he got the cash to return to LA, hummm.]

Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire
In LA, Daniel was picked up by an investigator in a black car with blacked out windows. Instead of being taken to a hotel, where he could route out as promised, he was taken to the Century City Towers. He was deposited in an office on the 33rd floor where a pricey church lawyer interrogated him for two hours.
marty rathbun
Montalvo was accused of taking church property, the hard drives, although he insisted that he'd sent them back. Montalvo was then taken to jail, where he spent 70 hours before he was bailed out by another former Scientologist, musician Tiziano Lugli.

Rathbun then gets on his blog and tells the world, "OMG! Scientology pulled a fast one on a kid!".

Why is this odd? One of Rathbun's jobs (or hats as they like to call them) while with Scientology was to make sure that people didn't blow or escape. He knew exactly what this kid was setting himself up for.

Who Run Barter Town? Scilon City?
It's too bad this kid didn't realize he walked right into the middle of Scientology's ongoing "turf war" between Miscavige (current head honcho) and Rathbun.

three card monte In the first paragraph I labeled Rathbun & Co. *ex-scientologists. That's not really true. They're more like ex-Miscavige-ists.

They believe in Hubbard's Tech Con, and believe Miscavige is going to run it into the ground. Why let the perfectly good Three Card Monte of Religions go to waste? Right now they're in the process of coaxing current Scientologists over to their side. And Daniel, well he's just a pawn in Xenu's Tug-Of-War, and will probably end up right back on the same boat that he thought he had escaped from [SeaOrg/boat, see what i did thar?].

1-866-XSEAORG (973-2674) (and toll-free phone number above) have been created by Ex Sea Org members to assist our fellow exes to reclaim your life. Many people are broke and don't know anyone on the outside when they exit. Well, those that came before you are organized and ready to help. Reconnect with old friends, family, and the rest of the world. Don't end up under the Rathbun-ology bus.

Sea Org/Scientology: message to current members from an EX

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