Sunday, March 6, 2011

CBS News Experiments w/ Parody to Regain Ratings? [video]

Since the US is having such a hard time reporting breaking news (because essentially, in the long-run, much is about themselves or corporations that they are owned by) so are they jumping on the Comedy Central bandwagon, and moving into the parody realm? Move over NBC's SNL, here comes Katie.
Al Jazerra shaming US media "...In a defense of the State Department budget, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says “we are in an information war and we’re losing that war”.

Further, Clinton claimed that the private media isn’t up to the task of winning it saying, “Our private media cannot fill that gap”....True, Al Jazeera is kicking butt in the coverage of the Middle East and N. Africa.

On Funny or Die, Katie Couric investigates the sillies "...In a Funny or Die clip that will likely cause intense debate in newsrooms and Journalism 101 classes across the country, Katie Couric launches an investigation into whether or not it's possible to "shake your sillies out."

She goes deep into the hallways of an elementary school in search of answers. And reporters will probably look deeply into their souls as a result, asking questions like: is it OK for a respected newswoman to appear in a Funny or Die clip? Is it appropriate for CBS News to use its branding on what is clearly a satirical viral video? Is CBS attempting to be both a beacon of journalistic integrity and The Onion?..."

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