Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scientology: Sidewalk Scuffle in San Francisco [video]

Chris_Krzywicki in altercation with Tommy Gorman VillageVoice ~ On Saturday, Tommy Gorman (Scientology protester) found himself being charged by a large, angry Scientologist, Christopher Krzywicki, whose rather remarkable bull-rush was caught on video being filmed by Gorman's wife, Jennifer.

The man took several swings at him, Gorman says, and after reporting the incident to the police, he was told charges would be filed against the man.
[much more at village voice]

Also, an ironic quote from Krzywicki's Facebook page:
I am a great, honest fun loving guy who lives life to the fullest each and every day with out drama. I am at the best point in life thus far. The way a person feels is just a decession[sic] that each and every one of us is capable of making."
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