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Inside Scientology's Narconon Bizarre Treatments

Narconon Trois Riveres Shutdown [Apr 19] ~ MONTREAL - Perhaps the lowest point in David Love’s “treatment” for drug addiction at Narconon Trois Rivières was the five-hour sauna on his 25th day of five-hour saunas.
Being forced to yell at an ashtray for hours on end – “Stand up, ashtray!” “Thank you.” “Sit back down, ashtray!” – also left him confused and frustrated. But it was when Love realized that the rehab centre inspired by the teachings of Scientology was actually putting vulnerable addicts’ health at risk – and that he had become a part of the machinery – that he decided to get out.
inside narconon's bizarre treatments / David Love
On Oct. 28, 2009, six months after he had gone from “graduate” of the Narconon program to “Certified Counsellor,” Love left the facility and began a crusade to have it shut down.
In July 2011, following his complaint, the Quebec College of Physicians ordered Dr. Pierre Labonté, Narconon’s “medical manager,” to cut his associations with the centre, located about 125 kilometres northeast of Montreal.
The Quebec labour relations tribunal also mediated in Love’s favour when he complained about being paid $2.50 an hour as a staff member.

Then last Friday, 2½ years after Love began his campaign, public health officials for the Mauricie region ordered Narconon to relocate its 32 residents and told the organization they would not certify the centre, because its approach was not recognized in this province, and that its practices, including the saunas and massive doses of niacin, were potentially putting patients’ health at risk.

Most of the patients, from B.C. and other provinces as well as the United States, have since been relocated to Narconon centres in the U.S.

As for David Love, he remains drug-free since he left Narconon – but deeply traumatized by what he saw and went through in Trois Rivières. [ cont. at ]

Canadian Health Board Slams Scientology Rehab

CBC Radio [Apr 18] - The Quebec Health Board "Slams" the Scientology Rehab, Narconon, for exploiting desperate families by promising an 80% success rate and placing patient's health in danger by forcing patients to ingest toxic doses of vitamins in extreme, dangerous doses and not having any qualified medical staff at Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

Upcoming Events: Canadian Investigators Probing Scientology

Quebec Human Rights Commision / Exploitation of Handicap
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[Apr 19] In an unofficial tip at WWP, David Love informs us that government investigators are  acting on his complaint filed in February of 2011 with the Board of Human Rights Commission.
Even though NN TR [Narconon Trois Rivières] is now closed, Government investigators are now pushing forward in an unexpected (by me), move. Incredible how these events are "mushrooming".~ David Love
Mentioned in the complaint, Exploitation of a Handicap is Narconon Trois Rivières, Church of Scientology - Montreal, Narconon Canada, Narconon International, ABLE Canada including directors and corporate entities, along with the current leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige. Will post updates as the events unfold.

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