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Narconon Trois-Rivières CLOSED.Quebec refuses renewal.

Narconon Trois Riveres Shutdown
TVA television network reports Narconon Trois-Rivières failed to obtain goverment accreditation as a residential detoxification center.
[Apr 16 TVA] [translated] A rehabilitation center, Narconon Trois-Rivières, in Three Rivers Quebec CA will cease to operate after the Ministry of Health of Quebec refused to renew its accreditation.

That is, according to the ministry, Narconon does not comply with methods recognized by the Government in the matter. Narconon does not follow up with a doctor and does not offer methadone to its residents.

The detoxification center intends to challenge the Ministry of Health, but can not continue its activities until a decision is rendered.

CBC News Montreal Radio
Apr 16 The Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre in Trois-Rivières is shut down for 'dangerous' practices. [listen to the report]

CBC Montreal Radio Report April 16th 2012: The Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre in Trois-Rivières is shut down for 'dangerous' practices.

Quebec's Health Department has shut down a drug rehab center in Trois-Rivières that is linked to Scientology.

The local health agency called the Narconon program "dangerous for the health of its patients." CBC reporter Catou MacKinnon is looking into this story and joins us now. Catou.

Catou MacKinnon: Lauren, I'm looking at a two-page document sent by the local regional health agency about a week ago. And it follows a visit of Narconon in early February. And the report, or, I guess, this two-page letter is actually quite scathing in its critique of what was going on there. It says the center did not evaluate patients when they first came in, to see the severity of their addictions, that it uses something called "biophysical detox" that is not based on science, that they do follow the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, who is the founder of Scientology, and that people who work there were not trained properly. There was no evaluation of suicide risks.

And so I've learned since then ... I talked to an uncle of a patient who was there. We are granting him anonymity to protect the identity of the young man who was there. He was in his early twenties. He was one of about twenty-four patients.

Now they found out on Friday that the center was being shut down. They were not told why, and they were even told not to contact their family or the person, their sponsor, who had paid the $25,000 it takes to get into this detox center. So that particular young man has been taken out. His family - they're not Scientologists, but they do believe in this program to get somebody off drugs - so they've actually sent him to another Narconon center in Michigan. But apparently, there are still seven patients left there. We don't know what's going to happen to them. I have been unable to reach Narconon or the director of their legal affairs.

And the Health Ministry is holding a press conference tomorrow, so we'll find out more then.
Radio Report:

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