Monday, May 28, 2012

Big List of Church of Scientology Former Members Continues to Grow Over 1800

The Big List of former members of the Church of Scientology
that have spoken out publicly, has grown to over 1800, according to a list researched and compiled by Anonymous over the last few years. The list demonstrates that there is a significant problem with organized Scientology and disproves their worn-out apologist line  'Just a few disgruntled apostates with axes to grind '  when someone leaves their organization.
• Original wiki: WhyWeProtest's Big List
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• Alternate website:  BigList.Shows.It
The individuals on the list have spoken out under their real names against the abuses seen and experienced within the so-called church despite being subjected to Scientology’s “Fair Game” policy, which gives members permission to destroy its critics. Most former members do not ever speak out against the church, largely because of this policy.

The stories told by these ex-members are similar to the revelations made recently by former members speaking out against Scientology in highly visible stories in the New York Times, the St. Petersburg Times, a five-part series on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, the Village Voice, and most recently, the Debbie Cook New Years Email (pdf).

big list that left the church of scientology

The list, which continues to grow daily, contains many names of individuals who no longer practice Scientology at all as well as many others who do. What they have in common is that each of them has decided to step forward and tell the world what happened during their time within organized Scientology.

While their backgrounds vary widely, their stories are similar and many themes run throughout: rigid control of information, enforced disconnection from loved ones who are critical of the group, zealous campaigns to squeeze money from members, physical and emotional abuse of children and adults, slave labor camps designed to reinforce indoctrination, and many other disturbing practices. The problem is not limited to any particular country. Their compelling stories emerge from numerous countries all around the world spanning decades.

Anonymous now celebrates the compilation and publication of a 1800-strong list of human voices no longer silenced, and never again alone.  Documentation is provided for each name included in the list.

All remaining victims or observers of abuse within organized Scientology are invited to speak out and add their names and their messages. We hope that the courage shown by those named on this list empowers more people to come forward with their stories of abuse, and ultimately prevents such abuses from ever taking place again.

Since February 2008, Anonymous has protested the crimes and abuses of the “Church of Scientology” and its many front groups. These protests, as well as public awareness efforts like the Big List, will continue.

big tip'o the mask to RightOn for keeping this project alive.

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