Thursday, June 14, 2012

Creepy Scientology Goon Repeatedly Tells Protester "Touch Me" Bonus: MP3 Remix

"Touch me" the man says again and again. "Touch me."
In what should go down as one of the most skin-crawling audio tapes in recent Scientology history, we hear a church operative repeatedly challenge protester David Love to provoke an incident so that Love can find himself in a world of legal hurt.

Too smart to take the bait, Love calmly continued his picket of Scientology's Montreal "org" yesterday, and didn't let on that he had a digital recorder in his jacket running during the incident. On Village Voice's Running Scared blog, he tells us more about the recording below.

But what prompted yesterday's protest, he says, was a new bylaw in Quebec that bans the wearing of masks during protests. Now, suddenly, the local contingent of Anonymous members who usually picket the Montreal org wearing Guy Fawkes masks have been stymied. So Love -- who doesn't bother with a mask because he's already so well known to Scientology -- decided to carry out a picket on his own.

Bonus: MP3 Remix & Download
Remix of above audio with Hall & Oates Out of Touch instrumental.
MP3 download: TouchMeYB.MP3.

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