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Worldwide Scientology Protests Held This Weekend

WWP June 24 ~ The following is a round-up of Scientology/Narconon protests that were held in different parts of the world this weekend, as reported on the WhyWeProtest forum.

San Francisco: Club Xenu Dance Party
From ChanologySF SUMMER OF LOVE 2012 thread
Happy Summer Solstice y'all! A New Beginning, Again. Moar Raids. Moar Raep. Moar Caek. Moar Video Evidence that Scientology is a Predatory Hate Group, which BREAKS UP FAMILIES, ATTACKS it's CRITICS, and practices MEDICAL ABUSE. Also, DEATHS.
Below, Tony Ortega, editor of The Village Voice, joins clubbers for a group photo in front of Scientology's San Francisco Org during one of the weekly protest/dance parties.
club xenu TonyO visits Club Xenu in SanFran

Oklahoma: Narconon Arrowhead Harasses Grieving Mother
narconon arrowhead investigation June 23 ~ The grieving mother of a 32- year-old man who died at Narconon Arrowhead joined a group of protesters called “Mothers against Narconon” on Saturday.

Shirley Graves, mother of Gabriel Graves who died at facility in October, stood silently holding a poster with picture of her son with several others were stationed at the Arrowhead Park Ranger station, less than a mile from the Narconon facility.

During the demonstration, a moment of silence was interrupted when a photographer from the direction of the Narconon facility proceeded to closely photograph Graves mother while she held the American flag and a picture of her deceased son.

 For more on this story, see Monday's print or electronic editions of the McAlester News-Capital.

London: Back from the Dead Mini-Raid
WWP ~ London,England June 23rd
cult sign held by protester in london When we say that we got support at this raid, you have no idea. People said how they'd missed us, a few people stayed and chatted for ages, we had 3 photographers come just for pics of the miniraid (one of which was our friend DN-Photos on Flickr), a guy bought us all coffee and said he was proud of us and the list goes on.
A decent turn-out considering that this was fairly improptu, 400+ fliers given out and I think we have some pretty awesome footage.

Altogether; LOLdon is winning again.

Montreal, Canada: Mask Fine Test
WWP ~ Montreal, Canada June 23
David Love and Anonymous protest Scientology in Montreal Canada Montreal Anonymous protest looked pretty bleak at first, with only two of us at the beginning. Then more began appearing and we had a total of ten happy, frisky Anons. Volumes of flyers handed out to public.
This was a test protest to see if Montreal Police would hand out $500.00 fines for wearing Masks. A new Montreal City by-law prohibits the wearing of masks at any protest where there are more than three people.
A Case was filed by myself (David Love) recently with the Quebec Human Rights Commission - RE: Namely, the City of Montreal and Montreal Police are in breach of numerous Charter Violations - government is investigating and I expect an amendment soon - - with NO fines in the interim.

Chicago: Double Secret Chalk Raid
 WWP ~ June 23 Chicago Scientology postgame
protesters in front of chicago scientology We basically spent the entire raid chalking the sidewalk and waiting for Domenic to come out and douse the sidewalk over and over and over again. SS, dude, you gotta do Dra's suggestion about the video and music. High hilarity.

Let's see. Well, when you're chalking and Domenic is throwing water at you time flies. We did have a pretty strong police response not too long after we go there. Four squad cars pulled up, with about five officers eventually standing in front of the Org.

Man, it was just like the old days! When the one officer gave us the standard instruction about not blocking sidewalk traffic he added in a little note about not stretching in front of the Org. No stretching? Yep. So of course I did some stretching later on.

At the end of the raid we spotted three kids wearing what looked to be EPF variant clothing. I followed towards the back door but they ran inside. SS should have some video of what they looked like for all of you. That was a blast! I wish every raid could be that much fun! [more photos]

Berlin: Christopher Street Day / Flash Raid
 WWP ~ Christopher Street Day 2012 June 23rd
Anonymous visited the Christopher Street Day 2012 in Berlin at June 23rd in Berlin. We had a huge banner, many informative flyers and pots of „Peeeeenis“-stickers.It was a heady atmosphere, many people gave us positive reactions, some were even enthusiastic.
Anonymous set an example and advocated acceptance and tolerance regarding trans-, metro-, bi- … and homosexuals. Scientology however is a homophobic cult and sees homosexuals as sexually perverted people.
The flyers gave the reader a lot of information about the homophobia the Cult of Scientology is preaching. And there – of course – was no Scientology-vehicle at the Christopher Street day although Scientology is (according to themselves) a connecting and tolerant “religion”. Weird, huh? [more pics @ flicker]

Dublin:Anti-Scientology Protest
 Facebook ~ June 23rd Dublin:Anti-Scientology Protest

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