Tuesday, October 23, 2012

IAS: Holocaust Wasn’t Caused By Nazis, Miscavige Blames Psychiatrists

The Holocaust wasn’t Nazis... it was psychiatrists — says cult leader David Miscavige. the Sun goes inside the sinister UK lair of Scientology
Tacky 'over-the-top'  IAS stage setting with statues of golden horses and a huge IAS globe.
TheSun [OCT.23.12] This weekend Scientology IAS members flocked from all over the planet to the home of UK Scientology — the middle-England commuter town of East Grinstead — for the annual address by its leader David Miscavige.

The Sun reporter was able to wander in unchallenged for a peek into the cult's mysterious world. Also, the reporter heard the bizarre declarations of David Miscavige — including his insistence that the Holocaust was started not by Nazis but by SHRINKS.

Then we are greeted by the great man himself, Tom Cruise’s buddy and the sect’s global leader — David Miscavige. He is given a rock star welcome, but delivers an oddly emotionless speech.
From the start we are bombarded with information. There are flashing lights, booming sound effects, and statistic after statistic, some hard to believe.

He boasts about it rescuing thousands of addicts, although what they’re addicted to is not made clear.
He uses odd terminology at one point, saying Scientology is responsible for “disseminating peace”.
For two hours, Miscavige bangs on about the evils of psychiatry, claiming it is out to drug our kids for money. He declares: “Psychiatry has no scientific grounding.[continued@TheSun]
Below, an example of David Miscavige's run-on speech style along with the bombardment of incompressible statistics from an 09 Birthday Event presentation video clip:
as an added bonus: Psychiatrists to blame for 9/11. Obliterating Psychiatry is one of the major goals of the Church of Scientology, and replacing it with Scientology. In this video, from the Scientology front group, "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" (CCHR), a high-level Scientologist claims that Osama bin Laden's "Number Two," Ayman al-Zawahiri, is a Psychiatrist and it is him who persuaded Osama Bin Laden to launch the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in 2002.

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  1. big flaw in their wacky 9/11 quack theory Ayman al-Zawahir was actually an eye surgeon...