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Narconon Georgia Board of Directors Attacks Anonymous

Narconon Georgia Investigation Full Coverage [OCT.15.12] On October 4, 2012, Narconon Georgia Board of Directors sent a scathing email to Jodie Fleischer, WSB TV, Channel 2 Action News, expressing disappointment in the reporter’s investigative report.
Both the state of Georgia and Narconon’s resources have been overtaxed by these repeated attempts by the “anonymous” group to divert attention off of our respective duties …”
“The worn out and false allegations that you aired are also repeatedly stated by members of the “anonymous” group, made up of individuals who like WSB News, have never had any personal dealings with Narconon.”
“In contrast to the hate group “anonymous,” Narconon staff members continue to effectively help thousands across the world.”
1967 HCO Policy Letter
1967 HCO Policy Letter
The Narconon Georgia Board of Director’s vicious and outrages claims that “anonymous” is a “hate group”, is without merit and nothing more than a 1970s, Hubbard policy of "attacking the attacker" and assigned a term to it that is used frequently within Scientology as "dead agenting.” []

Hubbard issued this policy in a 1974 bulletin for countering negative accusations against Scientology by diverting the critical statements and making counter-accusations against the accuser.

Below,ex-Scientologist Frank Oliver describes policies and tactics Scientology uses to target critics in a clip from NBC's 20/20 news-magizne on scientology.

Narconon IS Scientology

From WSB radio's 'The Narconon-Scientology Connection'
"Narconon is, essentially it is scientology. And they're trying to pretend that it's not,” said Canton native Luke Catton [ex-president of Narconon Arrowhead]. “There is no real separation, it's only on paper, it's only corporate separation, it's not like there's a difference between Narconon and Scientology, it is part of Scientology, it is Scientology.”
Chris Owen from his “Narconon Exposed” website, details the mirror image of Scientology religious doctrines and their Narconon program:

From Narconon Exposed doctrines page, the following table shows the relationship between Narconon and Scientology courses, some of which even share the same title. Each one of these is worth looking at in a little detail to identify the Scientology connections and the very definite religious nature of the courses.
Narconon course Scientology equivalent(s)
Therapeutic TRs Course • Success Through Communications Course
• Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course
New Life Detoxification Program • Purification Rundown
Learning Improvement Course • Student Hat
Perception and Communication Course • TRS and Objectives Co-audit Course
Ups and Downs in Life Course • Ups and Downs in Life Course
Personal Values and Integrity Course • Personal Values and Integrity Course
Changing Conditions in Life Course • How to Improve Conditions in Life Course

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