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WSB: Narconon Georgia Investigation [ Day 3 ] radio/tv

Narconon Georgia Investigation Full Coverage

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Listen to Broadcast [Oct.03.12] A young man comes to Atlanta for drug treatment and winds up dead of an overdose. His family is suing the facility he came to [Narconon Georgia], saying it advertised itself as an inpatient rehab center. It wasn’t. They say its director promised to keep him safe, but didn’t.

Where were state regulators when Patrick Desmond died? This week, WSB’s Pete Combs has been investigating Narconon of Georgia. Today, he wraps up his report with a look at what the Department of Community Health says about a rehab center that is accused of lying to get the business of high-paying patients like Patrick.

The WSB Investigation into Scientology's Narconon Georgia 
Patrick Desmond
Patrick Desmond
WSB Radio News Reporter Pete Combs began investigating Narconon of Georgia after learning of the lawsuit filed against the drug rehab organization by the family of Patrick Desmond.

Narconon of Georgia Executive Director Mary Reiser promised her facility was an “inpatient residential program, six months in length, staffed by professional substance abuse specialists, where patients were monitored 24-hours a day,” according to Patrick’s father, Rick Desmond.
At issue in this investigation are allegations that Narconon of Georgia lured the Desmonds and other families to send their addicted loved ones to Norcross with promises of residential drug and alcohol treatment when in fact the facility is only licensed as an outpatient treatment program. There are also allegations that Narconon controls the company that provides housing for its patients. And there are questions about the state’s oversight of Narconon, which one observer says is “surprisingly unaggressive” given the circumstances.” [cont @ WSB]

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