Friday, February 22, 2013

Dianetics Scam site created for the TL/TR crowd

WWP FEB.21.13 ~ Dianetics remains the #1 hook used to get people into Scientology, but how easy is it for people to easily find out the truth about it on the net? A web search typically turns up stuff like Wikipedia (which is OK), pro-Dianetics sites from the cult (barf), and sites that are informative but too scholarly-sounding for casual reading. There aren't enough critical sites on the subject that are short and easy to read. These are important for the tl/tr crowd or those who are simply pressed for time.
That's where The Dianetics Scam comes in. At least that's the idea. Use either of the following URL's:

The Dianetics Scam gets straight to the point about the cult's recruiting tactics and is aimed for the reader who has little to no knowledge about the subject. It may also serve as a resource when launching harpoons or doing other projects. Getting the truth about Dianetics out on the web is key, and the more critical resources we have in various flavors, the better.

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