Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Internal Narconon Email: No Scientific Basis for Advertised Success Rates

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Ortega Underground [APR.01.13] Former Narconon employee Eric Tenorio has turned over to the Underground Bunker a remarkable e-mail written by a Narconon International legal affairs officer who admits that “we do not have scientific evidence of” the 70 percent and higher rates of success that the rehab programs advertise.

Eric Tenorio - whistle blower
In 2009, Tenorio was working at Narconon Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan when the facility became the subject of a Better Business Bureau complaint. As the center prepared a response to the complaint, Tenorio was one of several executives at the center who received copies of e-mails going back and forth between Freedom Center and Narconon International, the non-profit that oversees all Narconon facilities. (Narconon International in turn reports to the Association for Better Living and Education, which is staffed only by Scientology “Sea Org” officials.)

In the draft of its response to the BBB, Freedom Center’s officials referred to the 70 percent success rate that all Narconon centers advertise (some push it even higher — some ads have been seen  with claims of up to 90 percent success).

Note, these success rates are completely out of scale with more legitimate rehab programs, which typically advertise success rates closer to 25 percent.

Tenorio says that the Freedom Center’s draft response was shown to Claudia Arcabascio, Narconon International’s Legal Affairs Director.

More on this story at Ortega's Underground.

Below, is a copy of the internal email  the Legal Affairs Director for the entire Narconon network admitting that there is no scientific basis for 70 percent success claims:

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