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Tom Cruise 'Physically Assaulted' Ex-Scientology Spokesperson, Alleges Former OSA Director

Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder
WWP[cache recovery] One of Scientology‘s former kingpins has challenged the son of actress Anne Archer, the church’s ex-spokesperson, to spill what he knows about the shadowy world inside the super-secret organization and detail its ties to ultimate poster child Tom Cruise.

Mike Rinder, one of the highest profile defectors in Scientology history, said Tommy Davis and his wife Jessica — who both recently quit the church — are sitting on stories “that would shock the world and expose more of the dark underbelly of Dave [ Miscavige, Scientology's leader ] and Tom Cruise’s world.”

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One of those, Rinder claimed, was an alleged physical assault that Tommy once suffered at the hands of the Top Gun star.

Tom Cruise / David Miscavige
“They left a trail of destruction in their wake and witnessed a lot of things they know hurt people or were just plain wrong,” wrote Rinder — who “blew” the organization (Scientology speak for an unauthorized departure) in 2006 after 34 years — on his personal website.

“The Tommy/Jessica (Tomica) story is darker than most realize. I wouldn’t doubt that if anything keeps David Miscavige up at night it’s the thought of Tomica growing a conscience.”

Rinder, who was the church’s former chief spokesman and executive director of its Office of Special Affairs, hinted at some of the secret goings on inside the walls of the world’s most controversial religion.

He claimed Davis personally worked for Cruise, who &bullturned 51 on Wednesday.

He was “subservient” to the three-time Oscar nominee, Rinder said, as was the entire Sea Org, or Sea Organization, the body within the Church whose members wear maritime uniforms. The Sea Org, Rinder alleged, was available to cater to Cruise’s every need.

Tommy Davis
Tommy Davis
“Tommy told me he was physically assaulted by Tom (“I deserved it”) who followed in the footsteps of his mentor Dave,” he added.

“Tommy was subservient to ‘Mr. Cruise’ as was everyone else in the Sea Org.

“Tommy had to divorce his wife Nadine because she became persona non grata in the Cruise household.

“Tomica were also the ones who dealt with anyone who offended or upset ‘Mr. Cruise’ or Katie – including getting people fired, hauled in for extensive sec checking and ethics programs for even minor problems.

“Jessica was of course Katie’s Holmes’ auditor and BFF. That didn’t turn out too well.”

Nazanin Boniadi
Nazanin Boniadi 
Rinder also alleged the church coordinated a “chance” meeting between and Nazanin Boniadi, the unknown actress who was reportedly selected by Scientology as a candidate to be Cruise’s real-life girlfriend, in the wake of the star’s 2004 split with Penelope Cruz.

Said Rinder: “Tommy was directly involved in the ‘girlfriend’ search mission to find a mate for Cruise. In fact, he and Greg Wilhere were the ones that arranged the ‘chance’ meeting of Nazanin Boniadi with Cruise in New York.”

According to Scientology watcher and investigate journalist Tony Ortega, Davis and his wife have moved to Austin, Texas, where she’s working a realtor and he as managing director of one of the largest private equity real estate funds in the world.

“At some point — perhaps early in 2011 — they apparently fell from favor, as high executives working for Scientology leader David Miscavige have a tendency to do,” Ortega reported in June.

“Davis and Feshbach went off the radar at that point… when the two of them were removed from Scientology’s media relations page. At the time, we heard that the reason the two had vanished was that Jessica was gravely ill. It turns out, that wasn’t true.

“Jessica wasn’t ill and she has told friends that she doesn’t know how that rumor got started.”

Wring about the Davis’, Rinder questioned: “Why aren’t Tomica speaking out about the abuses they witnessed or participated in?

“Perhaps Tomica are frightened by that non-existent “disconnection” policy that Tommy was so adamant about?

Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach
Tomica: Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach
“Or perhaps its just that they are simply too content with their cushy lifestyle to be concerned about the well-being of the ‘little people’ who continue to suffer hardships, injustices and broken families. And those who are still trying to recover from their less than pleasant interactions with Tomica.”

The church has long dismissed whistleblower Rinder, labeling him as a bitter former employee who was removed from his senior post for “gross malfeasance.”

“For many years, Tommy was in the ‘President’s Office’ in CC Int [Scientology Celebrity Centre International]. His almost exclusive job was to cater to Tom Cruise and to provide whatever Miscavige directed him to do for his pal while constantly reporting back on what was going on in the Cruise world,” Rinder wrote.

In the role, Davis allegedly fired people for Cruise and his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, then ordered them to be “sec checked” — a form of interrogation where a subject holds an e-meter and is asked a series of personal questions that help the church locate “areas of spiritual distress” — in other words, uncover someone’s inner-most secrets.

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