Monday, March 30, 2009

HuffPo discovers the Rabbit Hole called Scientology

Sarah, Greta & Scientology Part II: Van Susteren Doth Protest Too Much

Anonymous has been pointing at the rabbit hole called Scientology for quite a while now, and has made numerous connections between the religion's 'clear the planet' stance and politics. And finally the media is starting to connect the dots.

First Gawker broke a story on John Coale, Scientology's PAC man relationship to Palin. Then the Huffington Post takes that info and makes connections between John Coale's wife, Fox corespondent Greta Van Susteren, the scientology document,How Scientologists Can Take Responsibility for and BE AT CAUSE OVER the Fourth Dynamic, tie ins to both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Scientology movie stars, the State Department. And it just keeps getting deeper and deeper. I guess that's why the call them rabbit holes. Who knows where this one will end up? David Miscavage's 24 carrot patch garden in Hemet, CA ?

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